Are You Ready to Take Your MSP to the Next Level?

Eureka Process has the leadership knowledge and over a century of collective experience working with managed IT services using proven methods that get results that generate you more revenue!

Are you a victim of your own success? Shouldn’t success come easier?

38% of MSP leaders reported that work/life balance kept them up at night!

Our phased approach uses an innovative methodology grounded in a proven process that gives your company a scalable structure. 

Our experts have been helping MSPs meet their goals, improve metrics, and grow their revenue for decades.

We’ve helped dozens of MSP leaders just like you overcome their obstacles.

Develop the leadership skills it takes to grow your MSP to the next level!

What Problems Do You Face?

“I work too hard for too little money.”

“I’m tired of babysitting my employees.”

“I want it done right, I have to do it myself.”

“I spend more time working in my business than on it.”

“Tickets are sitting unresolved and there’s no organization on how to get out of this mess.”

We should be doing more with our existing staff.

I’m constantly putting out fires.

“We track metrics, but now what?”

“There’s no standard in place for our documentation.”

“We have documentation, but it’s hard to find and keep updated.”

“Meetings don’t work.”

“We can’t take on more clients because everyone is already working on max.”

“Forget about vacations/weekends/lunch.”

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, let’s get started.

Ways Eureka Process Can Help

Leadership, Business, & Process Consulting

Customized solutions to your business needs, High-level business planning and hands-on delivery, Weekly Consulting
Community Access For Your Whole Team!

Your devoted Eureka consultant works privately with your team in highly focused, weekly PowerHour™ meetings and dedicated quarterly and annual business planning days.. Eureka Process provides the practices and protocols it takes to facilitate effective meetings that prioritize issues, track trends through KPIs, and scale your MSP or IT company.

Expert advice about what it takes to scale a successful IT business

Improvement and streamlining of current processes

Break/fix to MSP transition guidance

Eureka Community Access

Discover the Templates and Resources that Top IT Business Solution Consultants Use to Get Powerful Results Every Time

For the true do-it-yourselfer, 24/7 membership access to our library of over 200 templated processes, diagrams, spreadsheets, and webinars! Gain access to our monthly interactive Community Conference Calls: a small group discussion with other high-level MSP & IT professionals and a team of consultants. 


Are you finding the best candidates to grow your IT company? Learn more about our vScreening service.

Why Our Approach

Ground-Breaking, Innovative Methods

Ask us about Eureka Process’ The 6 Leadership Superpowers, PowerHours™, Launch & Foundation Days to experience a true Eureka moment!

A Clearly Defined, Step-by-Step Approach

Our experts are on-call as challenges arise to tailor recommendations to your market, size, PSA, RMM etc. to resolve issues and achieve goals.


Resources, Resources, and more Resources

We consult day-in and day-out on business and processes for IT service firms, which is a lot about documentation! Our library has hundreds of templates available. 

MSP leaders that develop goals, values, and purpose report greater improvement in key indicators of performance for efficiency, profitability, and scalability than those that do not.

Client Testimonials

“Thanks for the phone consult, Allen. I learned a lot and saw just how far my documentation game needs to go! Thanks for your time and patience.”
Nathan Maxwell

Communication Concepts, Inc.

“Since engaging Eureka Process in our organization, we’ve gone from meetings that weren’t very productive, to a meeting structure that gets things done.

Everyone feels heard and valued and we actually accomplish steps toward our goals that everyone can get behind. We started meeting with just the partners, but before long we found we wanted the same results across all departments.

Our facilitator, Allen, still leads our leadership team, dispatch team, and finance team, and we’ve even been able to self-facilitate our own service department meetings now.”

Sol Niederman

My IT Crew

“Eureka Process has been instrumental in helping me improve my company’s organization, marketing message, and processes. Allen’s experience in the MSP industry adds tremendous insight into how my MSP should work, bringing added value to his business coaching program. I highly recommend working with Allen if you want to improve efficiency within your organization. Thanks for all your help!”
Tracy Hardin President

Next Century Technologies

Proven. Effective.

The Eureka Process is a power-packed, streamlined system for restoring and growing an MSP business, its leaders and their teams toward their goals.

Our expert guidance is practical, step-by-step, and straight to the heart of the matter.

We pinpoint the changes that need to be made, guide you through the tough conversations, and steer you away from the rabbit holes that can sidetrack progress.

About Allen

I’m Allen Edwards – the original process coach, and founder of Eureka Process. I’ve been in IT for over 25 years, and I grew my own IT firm to successful sale in 2011. After growing other MSPs as an employee, I started Eureka Process with a vision to help the most people realize their own entrepreneurial dream.

When I’m not traveling the world in search of new experiences, you will find me speaking to IT leaders, or working 1 on 1 with their teams. Together, we make changes and implement strategies that streamline your processes, improve team morale and performance, and positively impact your bottom line.

Process and process documentation is, I believe, among the most important foundations for a tech business to have in place early in its evolution. Process decreases rework, eliminates time searching for answers to questions that may already have been answered, and keeps your team running like a well-oiled machine in your absence.

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I want to do this but I’m already spread too thin. How much time will this take?

Many of our clients have reported 2 hours per week of your time on average. Revamping processes takes time and collaboration. However, we promise that every interaction we have will be deliberate and focused. Neither of us have time to waste.

I’m scared to hire more people – will you insist that I do?

First, let’s get your process working so that we can assess the need together. Every situation is unique, and while most of our clients end up growing their business, we want to do whatever it takes to match your needs for work/life balance.

How are you different than other consultancies?

What other consultants?! Just kidding – we’ve actually used many of them ourselves through our own entrepreneurial journey! Our clients tell us that what makes us unique is our ability to customize or tailor our recommendations and processes to their specific needs (market, size, PSA, RMM etc.) and help them actually execute recommendations.

You’re ready to work the Eureka Process if…

  • You have approximately 5-50 employees and want to do it right
  • You’ve been trying to fix this on your own and can’t get traction
  • You’re ready to consider outside counsel
  • You know your team is capable of more
  • You want to own your business – rather than your business own you

Most business owners, leaders and executives will not act on this offer. Instead, they’ll keep it for a rainy day – determined to keep it close in case they need it. We’ll let you in on a secret: If you think you need help, you do. Don’t put yourself in the position of continued suffering until the fires are burning out of control.

Our schedule is booking up, if you want to hold your spot, schedule a discovery call now.

Upcoming Events

Eureka Process hosts monthly public and private webinars and online events. See our Resources page for more.

Members-Only "Community Conference Call"

On the second Tuesday of the month, our Community members and experts meet up online to share and exchange ideas. We sit back, conversation style, and talk about the business of IT.

ITGlue Road to Documentation Maturity Pt 2: Documenting Your Documentation

Event Date: May 20, 2021

Meta-knowledge is the most important knowledge. Know thyself! Create a consistent structure and standard so that every team member knows where to store and how to find mission-critical information. Tune in as Allen explains everything from ‘Process Process’ to Password and Naming standards.

ITDUG 2021.05 Eureka Process with guest Dave Sobel

Event Date: May 26, 2021

This month Allen Edwards founder and President of Eureka Process is joined by Veteran IT Channel and MSP expert and host of the "Business of Tech Podcast", Dave Sobel. Register to save to your calendar.

ITGlue Road to Documentation Maturity Pt 3: Client Asset Documentation

Event Date: Jun 22, 2021

It is easy to get confused about what information should be collected and what shouldn’t be regarding your client’s technology assets. So, how do you resolve this conundrum? This is what we address in the last session of the series.

Not in North America? No Problem!

We work remotely!

Eureka Process helps clients all over the globe grow and scale their MSP to earn the profits and efficiency they have always envisioned.



Test the water with a Free 55-Minute Consultation, no strings attached. Ask tough questions. Have a consultant explain how Eureka Process can help improve your revenue.

One hour, all value. We simply hope you’ll find it so valuable that you’ll want more. 

Develop the leadership skills needed to take your MSP to new heights in 2021.