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Eureka Process has the leadership knowledge and up-to-date technical insight to get it done right the first time.

Are you endlessly worried about efficiency costing you money?

Discover how Business Leaders are experiencing more freedom, enjoying more growth and stepping
back from cycles of fire-fighting and damage control with Eureka Process!

Break/fix to MSP transition guidance

Improvement and streamlining of current processes

Expert advice about what it takes to scale a successful IT business

The team at Eureka Process are the business, process, and documentation experts that equip you with the tools you need to do more with your existing business structure. With the technical knowledge to get hands-on with the tools that are used by your front-line team, and first-hand knowledge about what it really takes to lead a thriving MSP, Eureka Process is the only resource you need to get your business to the next level.

You Have the People, the Leadership and the Skill Set… Shouldn’t Success Come Easier?

If you feel stuck in a cycle of perpetual overwhelm, frustration and doubt, you’re not alone.

In fact, many Business Leaders in the MSP space are faced with this stark reality right now.

They start their businesses with a vision of success that will see them providing unbeatable value to their clients every day.

With the right people in the right roles and healthy expectations of their team members – what could go wrong?

Before long, ticket volumes and underwhelming returns or too-rapid growth starts to redefine leadership priorities, and the organization’s key navigators begin leading from a place of reactivity rather than from passion or possibility.

Teams become mired in troubleshooting issues and customer complaints, and what was once a culture of excitement and enthusiasm becomes a culture of tired, rigid employees who do not see value in welcoming change.


You Are Not Alone.

Business Leaders need to know that they cannot be expected to be all places at all times, and that doing so is a recipe for disaster and burnout. They need someone to confide in about their business challenges without shame, and they need a resource to look to as they endeavor to right the ship.

Enter: Eureka Process

Our leadership and process consultants understand the daily trials of MSP leadership, front lines and sales teams. With their proven background, our consultants work with Business Leaders to accurately diagnose, improve and implement actionable strategies that bring immediate value to your organization and its stakeholders.

“Thanks for the phone consult, Allen. I learned a lot and saw just how far my documentation game needs to go! Thanks for your time and patience”.

Nathan Maxwell

Communication Concepts, Inc.

Eureka Process Helps MSPs get Maximum Value out of their skill and tool investments.

We provide increased process continuity and measurable wins where you need it most.

Better processes and documentation means improved morale and the ability to retain skilled employees by offering growth opportunities and the important celebration of real wins.

Our consultants don’t just tell you what to do, they immerse themselves in your business to demonstrate their process and rationale and involve key players in finding customized solutions to your real challenges.

The next step? They get into the trenches with their clients to help execute and actualize the resolution.

With a diverse offering of customizable services including on-site and virtual consultation, virtual CIO, ConnectWise administration capabilities and best-practice meeting facilitation, Eureka Process is your partner in achieving greater levels of organizational success and personal freedom.

Bullet-proof processes and documentation allow Business Leaders to step back from the day-to-day operation of their business and focus more of their time on prioritizing intentional leadership and personal balance.

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Event Date: 05/27/2020

Founder and President of Eureka Process, Allen Edwards, will be continuing from his previous presentation on Hiring, Recruiting, and Screening. At the end of this process, it's time to onboard your new Team Member. Allen and Brook Lee, Vice President of Eureka Process, will be walking you through the employee…

Members-Only "Fire Side Chat" - We call it "Coffee or Kahlua Conference"

Event Date: Biweekly

Our first ever MEMBERS-ONLY webinar is coming up! Register and make sure we can match your email address to your member email address BEFORE the meeting. We are calling this webinar the “Coffee or Kahlua Conference”.

Webinar: Project Process for Profit, Performance, & Predictability

Event Date: 4/28/20

Join us as Allen will share his expertise on Project Process for Profit, Performance, & Predictability: Learn how to impress literally everyone with your projects and boos your bottom line. From clients and owners to sales and engineers, and even your finance team can benefit from this webinar! We will…