MSP Business Strategy Consultants

Today’s world is one of constant change and quick decision-making. Your business is growing but it’s easy to get stuck in the day-to-day and lose sight of long-term goals.

As MSP strategy consultants, we’ll keep you moving ahead by ensuring that your plans are followed through, your goals are achieved and your day-to-day client needs are met.

Are you struggling to grow in any of the following areas of your business? Strategy, leadership, service delivery, tools administration, project management, documentation and process development, marketing, and sales.

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Strategy Consulting

Discover all the ways Eureka Process can support your business! We’re here to guide you through the process of growth and help you reach your goals with our proven method.


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What is Eureka Process?

Develop expert strategy, discover how to navigate change, and refine your leadership’s capability to affect those changes and achieve more goals in your IT service provider business.

“Eureka” comes from the Ancient Greek word εὕρηκα heúrēka, meaning “I have found (it)”. It is closely related to heuristic, which refers to experience-based techniques for problem-solving, learning, and discovery.

Strategy Consulting

It takes more than just good ideas to become a successful entrepreneur. If you don’t have a clear path forward, you’ll become lost in endless possibilities. By focusing your energy on creating a smart business strategy, you’ll make the right choices and avoid costly mistakes.

Leadership Training

Leadership mastery is a process. Your mindset, your practices, the way you set up your organization defines the outcomes. We help busy entrepreneurs eliminate distractions and get on the fast track to success. Let our experts empower you to lead with confidence and certainty.

Goal Setting

How do you plan on getting to that next level? Are you even sure what “next level” means for your company? Is your team working together towards your vision? Once we set a course, we’ll work with your team to develop the skills, processes and mindset they need to stay on track.

Tools Optimization

Our team is comprised of industry veterans that have several decades of experience designing solutions to address the complex needs of an MSP. Let our team assess and find solutions and processes that work for your company’s specific resources, practices and tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses your services? Are your existing clients my size?

Using our core methodology, we help teams of 5-50 to identify gaps and opportunities in their business operations. Any less than 5 and there is limited return. If you are ready to grow, though, you need a reliable infrastructure now that will make growth easier and more rewarding. Currently 20% of our clients are small MSPs ready to get to the next level.

We have seen MSPs and ITSPs struggle to break through the $4 million and then $10 million mark. While the exact number varies, there are undoubtedly stages of growth in which leaders will have to learn different types of skills and become different kinds of leaders to take their businesses to the next stage. The majority of our clients first came to us to break through one of these barriers.

Through process and following our proven process, we have been able to help clients break through barriers to growth, acquire other firms, and get acquired.

How much time are we allotted per week/month?

You never have to worry about being surprised by bills for small tasks. We are not about nickel and dime invoicing, we pride ourselves with forming long-term relationships with our clients. That is why we work hard to build value first with each of our clients, not just give you a bill. We’ll work with you until you’re happy, and then we’ll coach you on how to replicate that success.

How are you different from other consultants?

We are actually on the journey with you. We don’t just do your off-site quarterly meetings and tell you how you should do your business plan. We are not just facilitating weekly meetings, but our consultants actually help you customize your tools and your processes. We’ll execute from within your PSA/RMM/documentation platform and provide your entire team with access to our templated process library. 

What is the average length of engagement?

Clients tend to keep us indefinitely because we produce measurable results, offer expert insights and meeting facilitation, and achieve long-lasting success. We build close relationships with our clients and we’re always looking for new ways to add value to the relationship.

It’s a process and you have to trust in it. Building up a profitable business takes time, but once it gets rolling, it becomes exponential. After just a few months you’ll have a solid feel for how this works. In six- to twelve-months time you’ll have made considerable progress and be proud of what you’ve accomplished. After two or three years, you’ll be an expert at setting and achieving goals once thought to be unattainable.

If, at any time, you feel that we’re not offering your company adequate value, all we ask is that you give us 30 days’ notice before termination (so we can tie up all loose ends).

What does the process look like?

Company leaders have five quarterly and annual planning days per year where a strategy consultant provides ongoing leadership training and strategic business plan development – including defining new short- and long-term goals and identifying risks and opportunities. 

A process consultant then facilitates weekly action-oriented PowerHour™ meetings with your team, moving progress towards goals forward, tracking important metrics, keeping everyone accountable, and developing the processes necessary to run the day-to-day operations of your MSP.

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A Note from Allen

“Process and process documentation is, I believe, amongst the most important foundations for a tech business to have in place early in its evolution.

Process decreases rework, eliminates time searching for answers to questions that have already been answered, and keeps your team running like a well-oiled machine in your absence.”

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“We really need someone to push me and us to do the right things…

I loved the meeting today and I feel it was really productive. And I wouldn’t be able to accomplish a fraction of what you did.

Thanks so much for helping us.”

Ephraim Stern


“Thanks for the phone consult, Allen. I learned a lot and saw just how far my documentation game needs to go! Thanks for your time and patience.”

Nathan Maxwell

Communication Concepts, Inc.

“Since engaging Eureka Process in our organization, we’ve gone from meetings that weren’t very productive, to a meeting structure that gets things done. Everyone feels heard and valued and we actually accomplish steps toward our goals that everyone can get behind. We started meeting with just the partners, but before long we found we wanted the same results across all departments.”

Sol Niederman

My IT Crew

 “[Eureka Process has] been incredible to work with. They listen to what we need and react accordingly. I’m huge on customer service. And these guys knock it out of the park. Great team to work with!”

Kim Branner

Help Desk Cavalry

“Eureka Process has been instrumental in helping me improve my company’s organization, marketing message, and processes. [Their] experience in the MSP industry adds tremendous insight into how my MSP should work, bringing added value. I highly recommend working with Eureka Process if you want to improve efficiency within your organization.”

Tracy Hardin

Next Century Technologies

 “We have had a pleasure working with this team. They understand our hurdles and they give great direction and instructions for improvement. We have increased our partnership with them recently due to our successes.”

Rico Martinez

Help Desk Cavalry

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