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Inefficiencies are costing you time and valued resources

Hiring is expensive. Why waste another minute sifting through a full inbox of resumes? Has a new hire left within six months of start or worse, after just a few days?

Imagine the ability to spend less than 2-4 hours to hire your next team member that sticks, expanding your business and your profit potential!


of organizations admit to making bad hires every year. What if you didn't have to?

Most IT service providers and MSPs report spending between 20 and 50 hours for every pre-hire because of:


Lacking or ineffective processes


Poor candidate experiences


Difficulty assessing candidates

Our Process

Our process of screening applicants was developed and refined by MSP experts with decades of experience filling both technical and nontechnical roles in the IT industry. We start by crafting a tailored-made job ad using proven methods that are guaranteed to attract top applicants, perform initial pre-hire assessments and interviews, and recommend only the best-matched candidates for a final interview with your team.

We’ll teach you how!

We are so confident in the value vScreening can offer to busy, over-worked, over-stressed IT business owners and MSP leaders like you, that we’ve taught, published, and are willing to share the process. Watch our presentation!

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Grow your Team, your Capacity, and your Business with vScreening

A Screening & Hiring Service for IT Service Providers and MSPs

“Organizations that lack a standard interview process are five times more likely to make a bad hire.”

Struggling to hire techs that stick?

You’re in IT because you love IT, not necessarily HR. vScreening alleviates the hassle of D.I.Y. hiring. With our proven process, our specialists meticulously and attentively select first-class candidates that actually want to stay at your company. How do we know? We ensure applicants are aligned with the company culture and values, which has proven time and time again that a new team member lasts.

Candidates are looking for a company where they can be recognized, achieve and grow. Business leaders are looking for the next great IT guy (or girl) to do the same. We’re sort of like match-makers, we’ll connect the two and we’ll do it all at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiters. We love seeing companies succeed with people that are passionate about their roles.

Poor interview processStandardize the interview process
Weak employer brandLead with company culture
Negative candidate experienceAlign with business priorities, look at more than hard skills
Poor onboarding processExtend the new hire experience
Lack of dataAssess candidates often


Our process of screening applicants is developed by MSP experts who hold decades of experience screening for IT roles.

While refining our process, we identified what errors preceded a bad hire and how to prevent them. We apply the solutions we learned during those early years to find you top talent that is guaranteed to stick!

Good interviewer cartoon
Brook Lee and Eureka Process have been an invaluable resource for finding us qualified candidates that are a great fit for our company. They took the time to understand our business and to pinpoint the personality, strengths, and skills needed for a new hire to excel. Their rigorous process filtered through hundreds of applicants to save us time and frustration with the hiring process. We’ve hired 21 technicians that Eureka has sent so far, and we expect more soon!
Paul Doerr

Proactive Technology

vScreening by Eureka Process

Proven, unparalleled, guaranteed. A tremendous value for MSPs that are ready to expand their team. Not only have we changed the game with our flat-rate fee of a highly sought-after service, but the reduction in our marketing cost alone also makes this an unmatched value.

Our vScreening consultants & specialists love what they do. They don’t stop until you find success.

We thrive when you thrive.

90-day ‘sticky’ guarantee

If your hire leaves your company in the first 90-days, we will refill that position until you have a team member that sticks!

Fixed & predictable marketing cost.
A once per month marketing fee of just $200. This is a  fraction of what you would pay to a recruiter or if tried promoting to job boards independently! Our technology streamlines and optimizes job posting on all of the top online job boards including: 

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Included in the vScreening package:

Creation of Job Description & Ad
Written email interview responses
Video interviews recordings
Pre-hire aptitude assessments
Detailed notes, thoughts, recommendations to cover for your final interview with candidate
4-week new hire follow-up
90-day Guarantee

After years of frustration, I found a company that I prefer to work with in terms of applicant attraction and screening. I have consistently seen them do what is right for the candidate. Ultimately this is good for the employer too because if it is not a good fit, it’s not going to be a good fit for anyone. #recruiting #jobs #EurekaProcess 

Felicia King

President, IT Security Architect, Quality Plus Consulting

From inception to success…

Team lead and head of vScreening. Brook believes strongly in a positive candidate experience and humbly puts herself out there to make a candidate feel comfortable. She is invested in the success of each of her clients and prefers to approach her practice as a team member rather than a vendor. She enjoys the collaboration involved in consultancy and works to help teams and their leaders take steps toward their vision each and every day, reminding them that progress is a marathon, not a sprint.

Accustomed to rolling up her sleeves and working alongside her client and their teams on project management, Brook’s flagship enterprise has been developing vScreening as an additional offering to Eureka Process clients. She loves crafting a job ad that sells our employers and being able to talk with IT talent from around the nation. A master at leading with a personal touch, Brook’s approach is proof that serving is the new selling and that relationships are the new currency.

The High Cost of a Bad Hire

A bad hire is defined as someone who negatively impacts organizational productivity, performance, retention, and culture.

Brandon Hall Group identified three variables that are constant in calculating the cost-per-hire.
These variables can be factored into any cost of a bad hire:

 💲        Compensation. Salary for the job position.
 💲💲     Training. New-hire training and employee training fees.
 💲💲💲  Cost to hire. Traditional recruitment costs.

Organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by


and productivity by over



of companies identified a broken interview process as having the greatest impact on the quality of hire.

If a new employee is not suitable and leaves after a short period, then the company may have several additional costs,
including the costs of selecting and training a replacement, as well as the loss of time.

In a Harris Interactive Poll, of the respondents asked what the cost of a bad hire was, 41% said greater than $25,000 and 25% agreed it was greater than $50,000.

41% of those surveyed experienced less productivity, while 36% said employee morale was negatively affected, and 22% accredited a negative impact on client solutions to a bad hire.

Eureka’s vScreening service enabled us to continue to focus on building our business instead of wasting dozens of hours performing gatekeeper screening on dozens, if not hundreds of applications. We received vetted and quality applicants every single time, it felt like skipping the lines at the amusement park!
Kent Calero

RYC Business IT

Our Services Don’t Stop at Screening…

Eureka Process knows that the hard work begins at a successful hire. Being a proactive company, our gaze turns towards “What’s next?” Our experts can help you in any of the following areas

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Team Member Evaluations
  • Team Management
  • Virtual Service Manager (vSM)
  • Management Training