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vScreening is a service that helps you find the right people for your company. We are here to help with the screening process for IT service providers and MSPs so you can trust that you’re hiring the right people. Our process will find the qualified technical employees your business needs by assessing skills, aptitude, and overall fit.

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A tremendous value for MSPs that are ready to expand their team. Not only have we changed the game with our flat-rate fee of a highly sought-after service, but the reduction in our marketing cost alone also makes this an unmatched value.

Our vScreening consultants & specialists love what they do. They don’t stop until you find success. We thrive when you thrive.

If you’d like to talk about spending less time on sourcing, screening, and testing candidates for your IT company and use that time to grow your business, start by booking a call TODAY!

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Creation of Job Description & Ad


Written email interview responses


Video interviews recordings


Pre-hire aptitude assessments


Detailed notes, thoughts, recommendations to cover for your final interview with candidate


4-week new hire follow-up


Guaranteed to last


 Our experts recommend the top tech talent your IT service company needs by assessing skills, aptitude, and cultural fit.

We’re not traditional recruiters

We’re MSP consultants. Our experts have decades of experience hiring in the MSP space. We don’t make hiring decisions on your behalf but we’ll help rid your company of doubt and grow your team full of A-players. Your business deserves to have fantastic and happy workers and vScreening can help make that happen. Why not book a discovery call with us?


A monthly marketing fee of just $200. This is a  fraction of what you would pay to a recruiter, our tools and processes streamlines and optimizes job posting on all the top online job boards.

industry experts

Stop wasting your time sifting through resumes, working with headhunters, and hiring the wrong people. Start by outsourcing your screening needs to MSP experts who will vet candidates for your position and will easily find the best candidates and best fit for you.

Brook Lee and Eureka Process have been an invaluable resource for finding us qualified candidates that are a great fit for our company.

They took the time to understand our business and to pinpoint the personality, strengths, and skills needed for a new hire to excel.

We’ve hired 21 technicians that Eureka has sent so far, and we expect more soon!

Their rigorous process filtered through hundreds of applicants to save us time and frustration with the hiring process.

Paul Doerr

Proactive Technology

After years of frustration, I found a company that I prefer to work with in terms of applicant attraction and screening.

I have consistently seen them do what is right for the candidate. Ultimately this is good for the employer too because if it is not a good fit, it’s not going to be a good fit for anyone. 

Felicia King

Quality Plus Consulting

Eureka’s vScreening service enabled us to continue to focus on building our business instead of wasting dozens of hours performing gatekeeper screening on dozens, if not hundreds of applications.

We received vetted and quality applicants every single time; it felt like skipping the lines at the amusement park!
Kent Calero

RYC Business IT


Our process of screening applicants was developed and refined by MSP experts with decades of experience filling both technical and nontechnical roles in the IT industry.

We have a 71% interview to hire ratio!


If your hire leaves your company in their first 90-days,
Eureka Process will refill that position until you have a team member that sticks!