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We are passionate about helping Managed Service Providers and IT Services Providers grow their businesses. The Eureka Process team loves to collaborate and share our own industry knowledge, decades of experience, and useful resources with other IT and MSP professionals.

IT Documentation User Group

ITDUG (IT Documentation Users Group) is a Facebook group recommended for IT Service providers, including internal IT departments.
Established in 2001 to co-learn IT Glue, the group has now expanded to over 3,000+ members and shares tips and tricks on documenting IT systems using any documentation platform.

Eureka Process hosts a monthly webinar on the second Tuesday of the month on Facebook.

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Members-Only "Community Conference Call"

On the second Tuesday of the month, our Community members and experts meet up online to share and exchange ideas. We sit back, conversation style, and talk about the business of IT. Become a member at

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The Power of a Positive Start

At Eureka Process, we teach that every meeting begins with a Positive Start. A Positive Start is simply starting every meeting with a personally positive statement. Its original purpose was to shake off the emergency or production mode mentality you may have been in for your job before the meeting and allow you to transition into problem-solving with the team during the meeting.  

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Bad Interview, Abandon Ship?

Bad Interview, Abandon Ship?

When you use every interview as an opportunity to learn, mentor, and give back, then there is no bad interview. In fact, it is a very valuable use of your time.

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Transparency in a Job Interview

Transparency in a Job Interview

As the interviewer, fellow human, and representative of our company, it is part of our responsibility to be transparent.  We need to be honest about the company, our values, and the work

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DE&I in the Workplace

DE&I in the Workplace

Best practices for DE&I in screening & hiring What can you do to ensure you are creating a screening and hiring process that is diverse,...

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Close to the Money

Close to the Money

Close to the Money We all experience a bad month or know a rough start. If your business is ever struggling, whether it's general profitability or a...

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