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QuickBooks Desktop to Online

Eureka Process, LLC and Gozynta, LLC have teamed up to bring you this migration guide. We developed this step by step guide so you can avoid the pitfalls that others have missed, reducing the time it takes to complete this project.

To Outsource or Not?

Many of us first the got the idea to go into business (the entrepreneurial seizure referenced in the E-myth: Revisited) because we felt we could do it better in our previous job, but didn’t have the control to make it happen. So how does control affect this conversation about outsourcing?

Watch out for that…ditch!

Brook revealed to me an amazing analogy for a phenomena that happens during team member on-boarding – the wobble. It’s what happens to a new team member if you were to liken their on-boarding to teaching them how to ride a bike.

Rapids Ahead!

Are you planning just as strongly and early as you were for your first? Don’t grow complacent in your business. We have to approach every challenge, no matter how repetitive, with renewed gusto and energy to ensure positive outcomes. Don’t get complacent and keep your success off the debris of the rapids!

Leaky Bucket Syndrome

What is Leaky Bucket Syndrome? LBS – it sounds like a bad disease and it can be for your business if it goes ignored, like any disease. Let us illustrate what Leaky Bucket Syndrome is and how we can go about solving the problems that arise from it.

Words Matter. Choose Wisely

The reason I love words is because, right or wrong, the convey very specific meanings (denotation) and also conjure up many emotions (connotation). Having realized the power that these words bring, I took to being very choosy about my word usage in business

ITDUG 2021.02 – Documenting Your Documentation

Meta-knowledge is the most important knowledge. Know thyself! This webinar should help you create a consistent structure and standard so that every team member knows where to store- and how to find- the documentation they are looking for. We will cover the silly namedProcess Process’, as well as Password & Naming standards.

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The Business of Tech Podcast

Dave Sobel,  a leading expert in the delivery of technology services with broad experience in both technology and business, delivers commentary on trends in the technology service market that gives you perspective to be effective, profitable, and relevant.


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