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Employers, are you looking for technical talent for your business?

Are you looking to add new IT talent to take your MSP to the next level? Have you been holding out for “better” before your growing team? Ensure your next hire fits your company culture with the technical capabilities your role requires with Eureka Process’ vScreening service. 

Candidates, apply below.

Eureka Process is not a typical recruiting agency. Our consultants partner with MSP and IT service providers across the US to expand their teams with applicants like you. We are looking for a cultural match, not only the skills — and we are not just filling seats.

We are looking for the best of the best. Our highly experienced screening experts review, test, and conduct initial interviews before passing on our recommendations. The employer will then reach out to schedule final interviews with their team. If hired, we’ll check back in with you to ensure your onboarding is a success and to gather feedback.

Discover more about our process below. 

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Apply today to further your career in IT! See below for the current job opportunities near you.

Not a fit ?!

You may have all the credentials and skills in the world, but if our specialist determines there is not a culture fit between candidate and client, then it’s not a fit. Eureka Process is a people-first organization and we know this is a big step for you in your life.

You’re looking for a change in your career, you are embarking on something new. We believe that finding a role where candidates will be happy is, well, the right thing to do. Uh, duh. But also, our clients are best served if their hires are happy as studies show unhappy employees destroy a company’s bottom line.

So keep an eye on our job board, it’s updated regularly. You may not be a fit now, but who knows, your dream job could be just around the corner.

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We aren’t traditional recruiters. Our connections and experience in the IT and MSP space as business consultants make us uniquely positioned to help you.

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