The Power of a Positive Start

I was recently listening to a friend complain when the epiphany that became this article struck me. Work wasn’t any fun for them anymore, but they didn’t have enough work. They had lots of good stuff around them, but they were out of money. I listened politely and waited for them to finish. Listening does help. I reminded them that every time they mentioned one thing, they would say something, somehow contrary in the “but” half of their statement. How does that allow anyone to solve anything?

After parting company from this compassionate listening session, I immediately became fearful. Is that how I sound? Do I say those things? Do people listen to me and wonder about what I am even complaining about? Wow, I guess negativity does spread quickly. So, I did a quick inventory.

Positive Mindset

The results of the inventory I took is that life is relatively abundant for me. I’m not rich, but I’m very content. I want more, but I’m enjoying the journey past and present to earn it. My abundance mentality intends to change those sentences I just wrote. How about, “I’m very content” and “I’m enjoying the journey past and present to earn more.”

Why me? Why did I get abundance and my friend did not? If you have read The Secret, or even Think and Grow Rich, you have heard about abundance mentality or materializing wealth (of all kinds) from your thoughts. Yet, I figured this out, with less definition, on my own.

Get Started on the Right Foot

At Eureka Process, we teach that every meeting begins with a Positive Start. A Positive Start is simply starting every meeting with a personally positive statement. Its original purpose was to shake off the emergency or production mode mentality you may have been in for your job before the meeting and allow you to transition into problem-solving with the team during the meeting.

Some people find this part of the meeting difficult at first. With some coaching and practice, everyone comes around and gets better at it. In fact, for many, it becomes something they look forward to. What I did not expect to happen, however, was the impact this would have on me.

The Epiphany

As a professional meeting facilitator, I must give 3-7 positive statements per day, five days per week, and hear 2-6 times that many Positive Starts from others. I speak, I hear, and I facilitate positivity dozens of times every day. That amount of abundance, gratitude, thankfulness, and positivity transforms my life every day in very real ways. The amount of positivity I am obliged to participate in is, in fact, improving my life.

Take the Time

Having had this epiphany, I can urge more confidently than ever the power of the Positive Start. whether it’s in a meeting or not. Next meeting you have with your team, give it a try. Next time you wake up, give it a try. Stopped at a red light? Hey, that’s an opportunity to think of a personal positive!

If you have difficulty coming up with one, then start small. How was your coffee? Did you hit all green lights? Smell something nice? What if you had a bad day? Did you survive it, or is it over? Did you learn something?

Manifesting Positivity

I want to start a discussion on this “woo-woo” concept of manifesting positivity. Especially you skeptics. If you have an example of how this has worked for you, please comment or message me. If you have a challenge finding positivity in a situation, I’m glad to explore that fine area of the silver lining with you. If you aren’t comfortable posting, feel free to private message me. Life is too short not to enjoy abundance, you deserve it, and it costs nothing to obtain!