I’ve referenced our cheeky and hopefully-not-too-offensively named Teams channel in many of our past blog posts: Sh!t Allen Says. I’ve decided that today is the day to share it with you! Only light curation.

These are only quotes that I claim are all mine:

  • “You can’t have everything, but you can have one thing. Keep that up long enough, and you can have everything.”
  • “Buying a ticketing system and not using it in real time is like buying a bike, walking it everywhere, and wondering why the pedals keep hitting you in the shins.” (I just came up with this last week in a passionate debate with a client)
  • “RFIP – Read, Follow, Improve the Process”
  • “DICI (we like to pronounce it DICKY) – Do It & Complete It!”

As for the rest, I promise I stole everyone of them. These are real salt of the earth type quotes, that I remember to help myself and coach others with common, grandma-style business advice (if grandma was an entrepreneur).

  • “If it’s not in your PSA, it didn’t happen! (pretty sure this is stolen and modified from ConnectWise)”
  • “If it’s not in your documentation system, it doesn’t exist!” (a derivative from the above)
  • “How are we going to measure that?”
  • “On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate today’s meeting?” (about 4 times per day – definitely credit to EOS(C))
  • “OHIO – Only Handle It Once”
  • “R&D – Rip-off and Duplicate” (Our entire membership site gives you a place to rip-off processes from)
  • “Perfection is the enemy of progress”
  • “Failing to plan is planning to fail, and Nothing ever goes according to plan.” (these are from two famous quotes that I always put together)
  • “it’s a leaders job to simplify.” (also definitely from EOS(c))
  • “Like any good consultant, the answer is ‘it depends.'”
  • Growing a business is no way to make money…but owning a grown business is.
  • “If you prioritize everything, you prioritize nothing.”
  • “Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.”
  • “Never berate progress.”
  • “You made the best decision you could, with the information you had at the time.”
If you would like to help attribute where I found these ideas at, feel free to add them to the comments!