Virtual Screening Service

for MSPs & IT Service Providers

Why does it seem like hiring is so hard?

Sorting through resumes, doing interviews, then landing what feels like a great candidate, only to find out six months later, they aren’t a good fit! 

Why does it have to cost so much time and money? 

Most IT services and MSPs are reporting that it is taking between 20 and 50 hours for every hire! That can be an expensive mistake if you don’t get it right. You only have so many hours in the day and cannot afford to give up your valuable time to interview hundreds of different applicants.

Eureka’s vScreening service enabled us to continue to focus on building our business instead of wasting dozens of hours performing gatekeeper screening on dozens, if not hundreds of applications. We received vetted and quality applicants every single time, it felt like skipping the lines at the amusement park!
Kent Calero

RYC Business IT

Does resume overwhelm keep you from hiring your next ideal team member?

You want to hire the best and brightest minds to take your MSP to the next level. But talented people aren’t so easy to come by.

Hiring the wrong people can:

  • Instantly kill your momentum
  • Damage your organization’s culture
  • Create negative morale.

Harvard Business Review found that 80% of companies believe that turnover is the result of a bad hire.

An applicant may look great on paper – he or she has all the right education, certificates, and training – only later to find out that they aren’t the right fit. We’ll evaluate your company’s core values and culture to fill the position with only those candidates that meet your vision.

An inefficient screening process is costing you time and money!

While you are looking to fulfill a position in order to take on more clients and improve productivity, inefficiency in screening new hires can cost even more time and money which sets your company’s goals back.

Onboarding a new employee takes ample time, has a high risk to cost ratio, and consumes a lot of resources before you see the benefits. So your company wants to hire a suitable candidate the first time. 


Interview to Hire Rate

Our Proven Process guarantees a 50% interview to hire ratio. Currently, we hold a 68% success rate of number of interviews to candidates hired.

Organizations that lack a standard interview process are five times as likely to make a bad hire.

Man Score

Grow Your Team

Grow Your Capacity

Grow Your Business

If you’d like to talk about spending less time on your hiring process, ensuring you get the right people that are going to fit your culture, then book a call and we’ll show you exactly how we get it done.

Eureka Process performs initial screenings and delivers best-match candidates to you. Our experts fit the right team members to fulfill your vacancies, quickly and intelligently with our vScreening service.

Our screening process ensures that the right hire is made efficiently per your company’s goals. We look beyond the resume with our talent assessment platform that screens talent by matching skills and personality to the job and company requirements.

A bad hire is defined as someone who negatively impacts organizational productivity, performance, retention, and culture.

In a Harris Interactive Poll, 41% of respondents said that the cost of a bad hire was greater than $25,000 and 25% of respondents said that the cost was greater than $50,000. The participants in the Harris Interactive research identified some of the costs:


Less productivity


Lost time to recruit and train another employee


Cost to recruit and train another emloyee


Employee morale negatively affected


Negative impact on client solutions

We only pass on to you candidates that are a great match for your final interview. You’ll receive for each candidate:


Creation of Job Description and Job Ad


You get email interview responses


Video interview recording and transcript


Personality Profile


Aptitude Profile


Detailed notes, thoughts, recommendations, and suggested topics to cover in your interview


Follow up check-in with your new hire at 4-week mark

Brook Lee and Eureka Process have been an invaluable resource for finding us qualified candidates that are a great fit for our company. They took the time to understand our business and to pinpoint the personality, strengths, and skills needed for a new hire to excel. Their rigorous process filtered through hundreds of applicants to save us time and frustration with the hiring process. We’ve hired nine technicians that Eureka has sent so far, and we expect more soon.
Paul Doerr

Proactive Technology

Limited Resources? No problem!

With a small budget and your own limited resources and time, the ability to find great candidates and then to attract them to your position can be difficult.

Not only are we changing the game by charging a flat fee for our effort, but we are also reducing marketing costs by aggregating and sharing our marketing costs across all of our clients. This gives you more talented applicants quickly and at a lower cost, while also saving you time by overseeing the initial screening steps while keeping you in the driver’s seat.

Eureka Process promotes, screens, and delivers a polished recommendation packet of screened potential hires with our experts’ advice and recommendations. Included in your vScreening agreement is a follow up at week 4 to check-in with your new hire. This is our chance to get feedback that we pass on to you about your employee on-boarding process.



    $4,000 $3,000



    Welcome to Eureka Process’ vScreening service. Our goal behind creating this service was to bring our unique connections and experience in the IT Services industry to you, while also bringing a unique service that minimizes the costs and commitments of the traditional recruiting process, whether insourced or outsourced.

    Not only are we changing the game by charging a flat fee for our effort, but we are also reducing marketing costs by aggregating and sharing our marketing costs across all our clients. This gives you more talented applicants more quickly, at a lower cost, and saves you time by letting us take care of the initial screening steps.

    Eureka Process is not the traditional recruiter, our decades of experience in the MSP & IT industry provides the know-how, systems, and processes and to screen the top candidates in the hiring pool to fit your company’s needs and culture to promote growth.


    Our Service Doesn’t Stop at Screening…

    Eureka Process knows that the hard work begins on a successful hire. Being a proactive company, our gaze turns towards “What’s next?” Our experts can help you in any of the following areas:

    • Employee Onboarding
    • Employee Satisfaction
    • Team Member Evaluations
    • Team Management
    • Virtual Service Manager (vSM)
    • Management Training