vScreening – Recruitment & Search (Partial Fee)

3,950 USD

vScreening is a service that screens, benchmarks, and recommends technical talent for the IT service provider and MSP marketplace. This is the premiere screening process for IT service providers in the industry. Each candidate undergoes a rigorous 5-point screening process to ensure you get only the best technical match for your company. vScreening is great for IT services, managed services providers, and anyone else looking to fill an IT position.


We are an industry-leading technology consultancy firm that serves IT service providers and MSPs, Eureka Process proudly presents vScreening. Our unique screening service offers the best hiring solutions to help you find the right people to build high-performing teams. What separates us from other recruiting firms is our comprehensive screening process, transparent pricing, guaranteed placement, and a dedicated project manager to manage your search.

We have divided our service into three parts to ensure that your firm and Eureka Process are naturally rewarded for performance. Here is the total fee structure:
$3950 - upfront recruitment and screening - this is a one-time, flat rate for our effort to bring you the most qualified candidates until we are successful.
$3950 - placement bounty - once we find the right candidate and you hire them, regardless of their salary and position.
$200/mo - marketing compensation - this allows us to continually allocate marketing and outreach funds to attract new candidates to your position.

By combining these three different types of compensation-for-value, you have the best of all worlds.
1.) A firm dedicated to finding AND SCREENING candidates ONLY to forward you the BEST candidates (this is not something traditional recruiters do). We SAVE YOU TIME by taking on the burden of thorough screening
2.) A low flat-rate for replacement. No variability for salary , and Eureka Process is incentivized to get you a new team member as quickly as possible. Placement is backed by our 90-day warranty. If they don't work out for any reason, we are back on the hunt for no additional charge.
3.) By sharing the burden for marketing, we create the funds to make a meaningful impact to attract talent while also allowing you to be as specific as you need to keep the search going if you haven’t found your unicorn yet.

Before we can get started, please ensure you have reviewed and signed our service agreement, available here: https://eurekaprocess.com/vscreening-msa/