How to Run a Process-Oriented Business Without Stress or Wasting Time!

If you want to develop a culture that fosters trust, accountability, and efficiency, then this book may be the most important book you ever read…

Process and the Other “P” Word will help accelerate your business by reducing processing around people problems and producing consistently positive results, even when you are not there.

“This book offers the same advice your grandmother would if she were an entrepreneur.”

Inside this book, you’ll discover:

  • How to get the most out of your greatest asset—people
  • The first process every business should write
  • A simple, practical, and concise how-to on attaining a culture of process with intention
  • Four specific processes are written for you and ready to implement.
    1. The Process Process
    2. Meetings
    3. The Coaching System
    4. Working Tickets (with our proven detailed diagram!)
  • How to solve The Leaky Bucket Syndrome (LBS)
  • Developing workflows and automation rules to make your life easier so you can go on vacation again!

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