What is Leaky Bucket Syndrome? LBS – it sounds like a bad disease and it can be for your business if it goes ignored, like any disease. Let us illustrate what Leaky Bucket Syndrome is and how we can go about solving the problems that arise from it.

Your business has experts that pass along their knowledge and skills on to new team members ad recruits. As time goes on, knowledge and know-how gets lost, that’s human nature, we all forget. As this knowledge is passed down through more team members and thus more leaky buckets, more and more inefficiencies arise. How do we prevent this from happening?

Video Transcript

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Hello, everyone, I just threw together this quick video to show you a concept that I’ve had to show a few times. But you know what I should record this, make it a reusable snippet that we can place in other presentations or for you to review with your team if you like. It’s called the leaky bucket syndrome. So let me share my screen here. And here we have it the leaky bucket syndrome, keeping the bucket full of knowledge. So real quick, in case you got to this video some other way I’m Alan, I run a company called Eureka process founded in 2017. We help it businesses do better business through processes, PSA, tools, administration and other services. Here’s a quick list. Now what is leaky bucket syndrome? lbs sounds kinda like a really bad disease when you don’t want to have right. Well, that’s true, but it’s also human nature. Let me describe it for you. First of all, in your business, you probably have an expert of some sort. Well, this expert has to pass his knowledge on, I call the knowledge water. And he passes it on using a bucket, he passes this to this next person in the organization. Maybe this is during employee onboarding for the new recruits. Maybe he’s teaching somebody a new tool, whatever the method is, we lose knowledge every time because everybody’s bucket has a hole in it. It’s human nature. We can’t remember everything. And that’s perfectly normal. So he’s doing a great job, though. I mean, no one ever does quite well, we can do right. No one’s ever 100% us. We hire employees anyways. And they do a great job still, for our clients. Our bars is really that high. So but the next thing you know, the guy you trained is training somebody else or is permeating the culture so that when they pass on their knowledge to the next person, more water has leaked out so you see the buckets getting smaller and smaller with knowledge in it. And we keep losing until ultimately you end up with this. Oh, no. I do. I don’t really know what’s going on, you look back at your culture or at your processor at your end result. And you’re not quite getting the same result you used to get back when you did the training or you did it yourself. So how do we prevent that is the real question how to prevent lbs there’s a pill for that. Let’s keep it simple. We don’t want this guy, right, we want to help keep his bucket full. So we have to find systems to add things to the bucket on a constant basis. this can be written processes. This could be continual training and coaching, which we do have plenty of processes on our website for how to do these things at Eureka process calm. And there are just so many things you can do to keep the bucket full KPIs even so they always know with their eye on the prize, what they’re measuring. And then you get happy guy, less leaky bucket, and everything’s great. Now, I will caution you, despite my diagram that you really can’t fix the hole in the buckets. All you can do is add knowledge by giving them access to documentation. To training to KPIs and coaching so that was the quick skinny. If you’d like more, you can find us at Eureka process.com my direct email and phone number on the slide. And this presentation was originally first given for it documentation users group on Facebook it for free to check them out as well. Thanks for listening



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