You are probably reading this document because your team has decided to start using Level 10 meetings to get team input and create action plans to get the most important things done to reach your company’s goals. So many times, we walk out of meeting with such thoughts as “That could have been an email,” or, “What a waste of time.”  Using this highly focused, structured meeting format, we have found that we discuss more meaningfully topics that can be acted on immediately.  It’s called a “Level 10” meeting, because we are hoping that with practice, we can make this meeting a “Perfect 10” when you rate the meeting on a scale of 1-10. Here are the terms and parts you will see on the agenda.

  • Segue (Good News) – personal and professional highlights
    • Start on time!
    • Transition from “in” the business to “on” the business
  • Scorecard, Rocks, Headlines, To Dos
    • The next four agenda items are all reporting, no discussion. Fight the urge. Anything that is off track gets dropped down to the Issues List. Speed in reporting allows more time for solving issues. Off track #s and Rocks as well as some customer and employee headlines (almost always the bad reports, occasionally the good reports, too) drop to the Issues List so that you can later prioritize and IDS them.
    • Scorecard numbers (On/Off Track) •
    • Rocks – Company and Individual (On/Off Track)
    • Headlines – Are our customers and employees happy?
      • (brief good / bad reports – no dissertations)
    • To-Do List – establishing weekly accountability (90% should be dropping off)
      • To-Do List review from last meeting (done/not done)
    • IDS (Issues List) – You are attacking issues, making them go away forever.
      • We start with all issues on the Issues List
      • Prioritize 1, 2 and 3 (this should take no more than 30 seconds)
      • When tackling issues, we follow EOS Worldwide’s Issues Solving Track™
        • The Issues Solving Track is on the next page (Figure 1 – Last Page )
      • Conclude – assures clarity and measures meeting improvement
        • Recap To-Do List (say Got It)
        • Cascading Messages – Who needs to know, when & how
        • Rate the meeting (1 – 10)
        • End on time!

Note: A majority of this document is straight from EOS Worldwide’s EOS Toolbox. All of their trademarks and copyrights are respected (EOSWorldWide.com). Eureka Process is an EOS Implementor in good standing with EOS Worldwide. We have simply combined some information for easy reference.

 Sample Agenda

Segue (5 minutes)

Scorecard (5 minutes)

Rocks (5 minutes)

Headlines (5 minutes)

To do (5 minutes)

Issues (60/ 30 minutes | Leadership/Other Teams)

Wrap Up (5 minutes)
To Do Review
Cascading Message
Meeting Rating



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