March’s video gather was an opportunity to meet other members of the group, ask questions regarding documentation, and get immediate responses and input.¬†

Video Transcript


hello bill


Allen Edwards  00:10

you are muted if you would like to talk to us



hi everybody





Allen Edwards  00:21

we’re trying to figure out to go live on facebook this is entertaining for the rest of the it group right you have a window and a fan going bill does that mean you’re somewhere oh it says i was just curious like how warm it is it’s cold here



no that’s what really is


Allen Edwards  00:42

very cool where you calling from



liverpool in the uk ah right in the middle of the country


Allen Edwards  00:52

very nice yeah i’m on the west coast of canada



in vancouver vancouver aside


Allen Edwards  01:02

yeah near vancouver





Allen Edwards  01:04

i’m an hour north of there



oh cool i’ll be cold


Allen Edwards  01:10

this actually ended up being a nice day to dave i think we’re supposed to clean celsius which was not expected



i don’t want to is here i can tell you now you have celsius all right yeah


Allen Edwards  01:25

i’m an american living in canada





Allen Edwards  01:29

that’s all right learning to speak celsius and fahrenheit



yeah we’re 18 degrees here


Allen Edwards  01:35

nice it’s 28 books and i just looked it up



on a seven seven in the evening


Brook Lee  01:41

really hot today it’s like supposed to be almost 90 and then it’s supposed to get down into the 30s tonight



90 oh i have to run a conversion conversion to get 90 it’s 28 celsius is that what it is all right


Brook Lee  01:57

and then it’s dropped down to almost freezing tonight tomorrow night


Allen Edwards  02:01




yeah no schedule for next week


Brook Lee  02:08




really strange because yesterday there was no cloud in the sky it was a real a real warm day about 20 degrees


Allen Edwards  02:24

so how long have you been a member of it dog



only about a month


Allen Edwards  02:29

is anything happening in there



yeah so what what’s happening is i was supposed to retire at the end of this month well the recruitment fails so and i’ve been like looking into like document everything that we’ve done over the past so many years and i thought oh that looks interesting i should join that and make some notes so i’ve been looking at everything that people have been putting up with it glow and connect wise and things like that so it’s interesting to see all the people work


Allen Edwards  03:09

so what role do you have in your business that



you have to know what i do and like we have a we have a department called technology that has about 400 people in it and and the organization has about 2000 people in it and that’s part of another organization it’s got about 8000 people on it so in my little bit there’s about 30 people so and we saw like look after all their servers all their backups all their workstations and and the infrastructure underneath spotlight networking is unrolled by the satellite dish sites guys that they look after everything it’s all done in house if we have any cabling that’s done to contractors but but it’s overseen by our guys so i just basically manage the ci cd systems that we use so we’ve got about six packages that we that we use for people to work on and then we’ve got like product lifecycle management systems people like join us them and then i have to go in generally at the weekend and fix everything that they’ve done that week yeah it’s interesting so i retire at the end of june or the end of july one of the things that chairman so we got a new guy new guy that used to work for like gino bentley the cars oh yeah interesting yeah and he worked for bentley and He’s a consumer, you guy, new guy that used to work?



Yeah, but we don’t use goods here. So it’s gonna be a bit of a learning curve for him.


Allen Edwards  05:17

So you’re documenting items in it glue these like anything.



Yeah, ASAP processes, how to do things on the servers, how to, you know how to do this, what, how to install the software as well so, and where all the licenses and the pin servers and basically document everything so that when this guy comes in, you know, they’ll be a big folder on the server that will have all the information.


Allen Edwards  05:53

And how do you plan on recording all that information?



Well, at the moment, it will be in just in Word documents, because we, yeah, like the processes that we use that they were to do that there will be one separate individual process for doing one particular thing, like things like building a workstation. And they come as a set of steps that are documented just as just a word document and to do this, then do that then do that. But it’s not like it’s sort of like very simplified, it sort of like says, do this, and do that. And it assumes that you know how to do that step.


Allen Edwards  06:39

It’s a good thing.



You know, so if you’re working in it, and you’re installing software, shouldn’t have to say which how many mouse clicks you have to put in? To do this, you know, it should be fairly routine, that the person knows what they’re doing. Whereas if I was doing it with one of the engineers, you would probably look, look at saying, press this button, then press that bar, and now I have to screenshot every single one to say press this one and do that one.


Allen Edwards  07:10

I like to save save that for training. When I’m giving people instructions, or slps. And how to use Connect wise, I don’t tell them, I don’t teach them how to use Connect wise,



I don’t know you assume you assume that at least I want to do it don’t make that you make an assumption that if you’ve hired somebody who’s an IT manager, and they were an IT manager and another in another company, that they know how to press the button. You know, I don’t want to just try to suck eggs, as they say, you know, it’s, you know, you should be able to do it, but I wasn’t on the interview panel. And I get to meet him on the 12th. And then I’ll get to do my interview. So hopefully fingers crossed that he is he knows this stuff.


Allen Edwards  08:06

Exciting times. Yeah, exactly. Adam, how’s the weather in Virginia?


Adam Edwards  08:17

Well, it’s good. It was a rainy today. So I’m glad I got out a little bit earlier today, because it just started downpouring after that. So then again, I’m getting get that cold front that Brooke is getting currently. So I’ll have cold weather tomorrow, but it should warm up for the weekend. It should be nice. So a nice warm Easter weekend. The weekend already. Apparently.



Oh, yeah. We finished tomorrow. Good Friday,


Allen Edwards  08:46

was right. Yeah. Holidays.



Yeah, well, we’ve been because of the COVID thing. We’ve been working from home and everything has been done remotely. And tomorrow will be the third time if it weren’t for this year. So you just got to plan your day to get the most out of it. Because there’s no IT staff on site? Well, yeah, and we’re we’re we’re limited to what we can actually do, but they’ve given us like three laptops, of which two of them have got the wrong IPS on the wrong house names. And we can’t fix it. So they go back into the office and they fix them hopefully third time lucky. And I don’t know what’s happening and i think i think they struggle because they’re not all in the same office. They only allow like one person in one day and then another person the next day. And yeah, I think there’s a lot of pressure on these people. When On site, you know, people ask him which way round you load the paper into the printer.



You know?


Allen Edwards  10:15

How are the COVID protocols and restrictions of where you’re at?



Yeah, it’s still too much distancing. And we only have 20 people in our office in the whole week. So that’s for a day. And that’s, that’s for the whole group. So some people are in are inside offices. Some people are in the main office, like by myself. So yeah, I mean, you generally only see about two people. Not what not much else, really, I mean, tomorrow, the guy works on the 80s thing with maize going in as well, because we’ve got to move some stuff around. And I don’t want to be doing it by myself. You’re not really supposed to work by yourself again. You’re doing heavy lifting or anything like that right


Allen Edwards  11:14

now to fine line either. I feel like most of the world is starting to recover.



Well, I’m happy COVID job. I have a mine. I got another one in the middle of May.


Allen Edwards  11:29

Nice. So get out there.



Yeah, yeah, hopefully. And then, me we’re allowed to mix. Six people now. outside.


Allen Edwards  11:40

We two weeks ago, we were suddenly allowed to mix 10 people outside. But then two days ago, they changed your mind. They’re like no purse shut down completely now.


Adam Edwards  11:50

Okay, okay. Oh,


Allen Edwards  11:52

they shut down indoor dining, and they shut down all the ski hills here fairly suddenly for a couple of weeks.



Is that because the rates were going up


Allen Edwards  12:02

again? Yeah. And where I’m at. We’ve never been that bad off. But it’s the worst that has been for us recently. So we’ve they’re cracking down one more time as the vaccines get out there. I guess. I know. We’re broken. Veronica. It’s what Open Season whatever you want.


Brook Lee  12:18

Oh, it’s open season where bill is at two. I saw a post yesterday. There were some kids acting a fool at a park drinkin whatever the cops showed up. And they were all just like, it’s a free for all. But yes, in Florida, it’s I don’t think they ever really did anything.



Business as usual in Florida. I mean, you’d have


Brook Lee  12:37

to sign for days to Florida State of COVID. So if you want to go out and get your COVID and get it out of the way with you could probably just head to Florida.



Veronica, my brother lives in Boca Raton. And so and he’s had COVID. So and he told me the whole thing that the process that he went through, and his wife had it as well. And but he says though you, you don’t see anybody wearing a mask or anything.


Brook Lee  13:06

They haven’t worn any master for a while. And there’s a person that’s works for one of our clients. He’s from Minnesota, which is way up north. He had to go to Florida for some family stuff. And literally, he’s been perfectly fine this whole time he got into Florida, and within two days he had COVID. And I was like Welcome to Florida. Yeah.



The regulations are just suggestions. And there are people wearing masks, but it’s not required. Oh,


Allen Edwards  13:41

oh, no. Uncle in Texas who was like, you know, we they’ve lifted the mask mandate there as well. And he’s like, I’ve never actually seen as many people wearing a mask as in any state. Then here’s a well, great, I mean, I’m a little bit anti government control. Sometimes I’m like, okay, I can appreciate the people want these things, and they do it versus being required to do it. So it’s nice to see them doing what they feel is right.






Yeah, you still got to wear a mask here all the time. Anytime you’re outside your house, like don’t be going to a store or, or into the office. You have to wear a mask all the time. And anytime you leave your desk whilst you’re in the office, then then you’ve got to wear your mask. Normally if you’re if you’re at your desk on your on your computer, you’re alright. Because nobody is within two meters of you. Well, it’s


Allen Edwards  14:40

just I’ve actually been sick recently in like, you think I had the plague. I don’t have COVID It’s a sinus infection, but I work in the closet all day long. Anyways, I don’t really go out anyways. Yeah. But yeah, I haven’t even friends who normally would hang out with me. even during COVID at a distance they’re like nope see you next month



so are you gonna say you why


Allen Edwards  15:10

but my wife puts you know slides food under the door


Brook Lee  15:16

she does not oh my gosh






so i don’t is this guy from australia not coming then is it too early for him


Allen Edwards  15:28

is not to really australia yet so



oh five i am no


Allen Edwards  15:35

okay yeah so i have clients in new zealand and because their time hasn’t changed with the states yet our 10am meeting is now 6am their time the day ahead so yeah i guess it is pretty early there



yes so time here went ahead last sunday so we’re now seven hours ahead of new york sorry no six six hours ahead in new york


Allen Edwards  16:11

let’s do it the sort of tiny comparison veronica broken out and we’re all on that timezone what time is it yeah 15 to 15



yeah well i’m kind of kind of used to working with him in america because like i said my brother lives in boca raton and he lives in new york i’ve got a friend she lives in california and my nephew is in phoenix and there’s another one that’s in north carolina


Allen Edwards  16:46

this missing somebody in the central time zone



yeah yeah i don’t know yeah so i’ve got friends in australia as well so like somebody said oh cow count well me so it was only only there’s only gonna be one who’s going to be awake


Allen Edwards  17:10

it’s been a fun challenge for our business when we’re first getting started almost all of my clients ended up on the east coast





Allen Edwards  17:18

and i was living on the west coast and that was fine i wake up early and i love being done early but now are getting more and more clients in the west coast and out of the country and it’s like okay now i’m working 24 seven i got to perhaps put some more rules on that



well we’ve got we’ve got people that work with us who are in nervous in switzerland so that’s an hour ahead and then the some of them are in tokyo there’s none in australia i think go from there and the others are in chicago and san francisco so getting it all working together is sometimes you know people work quite late in the evenings to sort of like pull it all together you know just because you know people who are like on the on the west coast to the states that you know it’s still being bad so we have to run quite late you know i mean 11 o’clock at night for some of the calls yeah i mean it’s a lot better now with the zoom and everything not only compresses the time but i think before it was sort of like don’t run a webex system and the voice was separate so the to the video and if you wanted to send documents it was it was difficult you know but they’ve seen your standardize on zoom at the moment for everything i prefer teams myself well that’s a preference it’s just because i can have it signed in in multiple places i can just pick it up wherever i go and on the last releases zoom you had to you can only be signed in in one place


Allen Edwards  19:14

veronica we’re fighting over just getting this meeting started because i was in my zoom on another client meeting and even ever one because a co host with her own paid account it was still like i’m sorry the zooms in use yeah


Brook Lee  19:28

and i messaged veronica and i was like hey am i messing something up but alan’s calendar looks like he’s over here and she was like no i thought it was me too and i was like all right



yeah i somehow forgot to put the meeting in my diary so i had to re register and get it back together this is $1,000 you know one of those things isn’t it well at the moment it’s a little difficult because i’ve got one computer at work which is my main one and then i’ve got a works laptop here which is connected some home network and then there’s a there’s a vpn gateway that we pass slow to get to the works computer yeah and then what the zoom and the teams are all on the laptop because that’s where the microphone and the cameras so i’ve got two sets of computers running it’s sometimes you have to like you know which world on my end really


Allen Edwards  20:28

yeah we we use zoom a lot but we work with enough clients deep enough that we’re actually also member of their teams



oh and i know for some of the teams accounts


Allen Edwards  20:40

for some of our team meetings we actually have to switch organizations and then go into one of their channels to attend the meeting



we have that problem with teams we’ve got another organization that we work with who are in oxford in south southern england they have a different microsoft 365 agreement to aws even though we own this company right it’s complicated and and we call up connects to their team system we can do like shedule meeting we can’t do ad hoc meetings and there’s a lot of people there’s people up here working with the people down south and it’s difficult for them to sort of like they don’t want to like book a meeting just to answer a quick question and because they’re all working from home like getting them on them on the telephone is difficult as well and we don’t have the zoom phone installed at the moment so don’t leave is anybody using that no no it’s another part of zoom so what they’ve done is they’ve migrated our switchboard onto zoom so now you can go into the zoom client click on the phone icon and and then just type in somebody’s name and it just connects to them



probably have that feature just don’t know it because we use team for that



you’d know you have to pay for it that’s the main problem


Allen Edwards  22:22

yeah a lot of our it clients too they they’ll have various states of setups and their teams so sometimes they’re allowed to do external chats with us so we can stay in organization and chat with them sometimes they don’t know how i don’t know which it guys are the worst



like doctors make the worst patients yeah yeah they’re the most annoying thing is we all got new handsets and they were all moved to voice over ip and then there wasn’t enough connectivity in our face and i had to pay out so are that whole new set of routers and switches for said a now that decided to go to zoom phone which seems to work from like me talking into the laptop you don’t have a handset yep so i think it’s gonna get quite loud in an open plan office while we’re all on team zoom phone


Allen Edwards  23:29

they’re not going to get like headsets to plug into the laptops yeah



they can have an option of a headset or a sort of like a normal handset that you can play with it’s all powered through the the desktop computer so plugs into the us usb i think on that computer and i said well how do i ring the it support desk if my computer’s not working and they said that’s a good question i said i can’t use somebody else’s computer because they don’t have the login details for it


Adam Edwards  24:07

just enjoy your day off



back to walk half a mile down to the it sport plays and


Allen Edwards  24:18

part of the corporate health plan





Allen Edwards  24:23

i apologize but i’ll be right back i’m still choking from recovering so i get to refill my water okay



meet so


Adam Edwards  24:39

i’m back on my pc working i reinstalled everything so pretty happy about that things are flowing very quickly





Brook Lee  24:54

veronica can you see it there’s people watching on facebook there are two people watching now i think one of them could be me one of them definitely is me



okay but we did get up to six or seven earlier


Brook Lee  25:09

oh nice all right



so is everybody else like i have to get it right msp and msp working sports in another company


Adam Edwards  25:32

we work with msps we support msps so as part of our co hosting of the it organization we talk about documentation for msps and how they use it glue and other aspects and stuff like that so we’re all of us here in the same company we support multiple msps no matter what tool they use



okay yeah so you use like it glare connect wise what was the one that was somebody like hulu dot hulu who do yeah


Allen Edwards  26:07

i’ve heard him a lot lately



yeah i think the one i was reading some and it was like a thread about people were using it glow and then they weren’t getting there’s no functionality or then as and there was all like criticizing the company and they said oh i’m gonna move to this and i’m going to move to that you know i said well i didn’t comment really because we’re not using any of it whether we use it glow on the main site i don’t know there’s nobody to ask that but from what i’ve seen demonstrated it seems a very good product


Brook Lee  26:51

who’s using that one island do we know anybody


Allen Edwards  26:54

none of our clients are but whenever i see public forums who seems to be a real up and comer



all right


Allen Edwards  27:02

well that’s cool um i probably hear that name just as much as it glue


Brook Lee  27:07

oh wow okay


Adam Edwards  27:09

other documentation platform


Allen Edwards  27:11

oh yeah oh oh oh oh is that how h u d u i think



oh yeah something it sounds like sounds like hulu but it’s not real time hello and then and then bought it do i win next to it



ah it looks it’ll it’ll it’ll work out what were you in i look at


Brook Lee  27:37

their homepage on their sidebar on their application is almost identical to so i wondering if someone left it glue and went over today


Allen Edwards  27:48

there’s good money and being number two



yeah if you can get the word i think it’s to do isn’t it looks


Brook Lee  27:58

it glue my deal with it glue as always is the not being able to search the metadata and having to either have a naming convention in place or be a really good guesser on what the title


Allen Edwards  28:13

basically does search the metadata


Brook Lee  28:15

nope only in the title so if i call something an email compromise and they call it an outlook breach i will never find that sap which makes me want to pull my hair out


Allen Edwards  28:32

and as i am talking to some other msp vendors and it’s it’s phenomenal that companies like it glue companies like i don’t want to pick on them only companies like goes into lifecycle insights a lot of these companies exist simply because the psa is didn’t finish their product and then you have companies like at glue who have you know i don’t want to use the wrong words but they sell to companies like saying connectwise for millions of dollars i mean i’ve got warranty mastered on the surface you look up warranties our friend tim wrote a plugin for that which he also sells yet this company warranty master sells for about i’m gonna say a hundreds of millions of dollars i need to write software they’re just it’s strange times and documentation seems like an easy task



yeah well what we’re doing all those books we add a ransomware attack on a satellite system organization and then somebody out to have the talk you know And so like, and we’re kind of recovering from that, well, our organization did quite well to that where we were pretty, pretty good in terms of IT security at the edge. And but this one, I don’t think they wouldn’t have paid the ransomware, they would have just put what, whatever was there back on. But they would have, you know, closed any breaches. But after that, it’s been a bit of catching our own tails, really, because one of the things that we have is we have a lot of like Solaris systems, which went on like end of life about five years ago now. But because it’s a government organization, they don’t give you money to replace hardware, they only say, well, you can replace it when it breaks. So some hardware is quite resilient. And they’re saying now that are you going to replace all that, even though you’ve got no money to do it. So we’re moving a lot of stuff onto virtual machines. And allow me to learn Linux very quickly. Because those did run Solaris, but it’s completely different. So way of working to what I’m used to, but he seems to be doing okay. But we’re looking at how to, we have like a web server where we send out not confidential information, but large, large files, you know, in the gigabyte size that won’t go down the email. And they’re going to like people that we work with. And we’re looking for a method of sending them now, as somebody was saying, Well, why don’t you use the FTP server? And oh, my God, you know, I wouldn’t like to have to issue everybody with an ID and a password. So just so they could get to one of the places that we put the data forum. So now it’s I don’t know what we’re gonna do. Somebody was saying should use a third party. Really?


Allen Edwards  32:19

So is this transferring files outside the organization?



Yeah, outside. Yeah, they can’t write. They can’t write. But they they just, they just take, you know, and we generally tell everybody, Zippo everything that you you need to send to them. Don’t Don’t leave them a single files, let them take the package and then pack it up there. And so we just do that,


Allen Edwards  32:45

I think, sharing a lot of one drive links lately.



Yeah, but I’m just I’m not, I’m not, not ofay with OneDrive. And mean, we’ve got Microsoft 365. And we could like Jose sings on a on a Microsoft drive. But I didn’t know whether you need a Microsoft accounts to actually be sent to you. So that you can open the files, not open the files, but actually get access to files. I don’t think you need that. It depends on your security settings where you can create anonymous links, right? Yeah, yeah, I, we’ve asked for this thing for about the last 10 years, we’ve gotten nothing on that. I said, Oh, should we shall we investigate something else that we can have? I quite happily support it with AWS or something like that, and just completely remove it from our network. So we move it to AWS. And then somebody wants that data. They can take it from AWS.


Allen Edwards  33:59

I used to use a program called serve FTP for that. If they would present the upload and download features as a web page, so it was user friendly for people to use an access.



Yeah, well, I wrote the Apache server back ends are there so it just when you put the files into a directory and you navigate to it to Apache, you actually get it, like, as a web page, so you can just take things that you need. They don’t pay for like a file system to you. Which is why it’s just zip fabric, you know, otherwise, if you’ve got like 500 photographs to send to somebody so difficult for them to download them all.



Comment from mark on Facebook, OneDrive is the way forward and the men the security and compliance to how they are distributed. Right.


Allen Edwards  34:57

Yeah, definitely give you some a lot more options. I don’t like we’re working on a video editing project right now we’re talking to third parties about doing video editing for us and people are asking us to share 80 gigabytes worth of files and file structure





Allen Edwards  35:13

email we have been sending out anonymous links with passwords and explorations on them you know that way i get concerned that i sent it to too many people it’ll expire over time or i can just change the password real quick



yeah i yeah i mean the thing adults i think the thing that they would prefer is that we don’t share from the desktop we share to some sort of like almost like a federal onedrive so even though you’ve got you see onedrive on your computer but it’s not actually going to put it in there it’s gonna actually move it from your computer and put it somewhere else otherwise it’s gonna just start like synchronized between that your computer and the federal one and i’ve said to him look if you know you’ve got like sort of like 40 terabytes data and that is not unbelievable 40 terabytes don’t don’t put it in the onedrive you know just think about what you’re doing and come and ask me before we do anything come on that’s the best thing you know


Allen Edwards  36:31

like that time somebody had bittorrent turned on when we turned on document redirection right synchronizing their user profile full of movies oh my god is a file server



yeah yeah i mean the worst one is one of the guys at work had i think it was dropbox and dropbox isn’t allowed at work and he had dropbox and somebody sent something that was very inappropriate for work and i said to him you know just just delete the whole thing if you want to use dropbox use it at home you don’t need it at work you know


Allen Edwards  37:17

i mean this day in this day and age we have to be very explicit with what we allow and there’s just too many programs that even smart people don’t understand what they’re really opening themselves up to



yeah yeah well i think i think the guy ended up with this file was i think somebody else had put it in his dropbox and i said no no he dropbox should only be read only so somebody can read from your dropbox and you can read from somebody else’s soapbox but we you know they can’t you can’t put something in it because you have no idea what they’re putting in


Adam Edwards  38:01

there at this problem one of my old nonprofit msp clients they had like an open floor plan and they were kind of like a think tank so they wanted to share documents and stuff so whenever they were working on a project with different teams they would find a way to share things so after a while all their staff were using a whole bunch of different programs and they had to standardize to pull everybody together to be using one thing that they can regulate and do some file management on documents weren’t going everywhere because they were going to try to control who has access to what and for how long and and things like that so file management became a huge issue after a while and whenever they ran into some type of roadblock or something and they couldn’t work with someone they would just go around it whatever that the rule that they had set out they would just go around it as opposed to like escalating to their manager i mean



hopefully the worst thing i’ve seen is is like we use office but most people don’t use office they like office on the web they just use the office hours well obviously it’s connecting somewhere down to everything and and if you go on to like dell or something like that and you see all these people that you’re connected to and what they’ve been working on and i’ve seen people and they’ve come up with like someone sells resignation letter you know because they opened it and then the office thing has captured it and it’s showing it they’re hidden going you should really be careful about what other people can see you know yeah it was a firing lester who was there as an agent


Allen Edwards  39:46

you can read this letter





Allen Edwards  39:52

i’m still confused about the real differences in onedrive and sharepoint i feel somehow they’re the same but they’re not If I want to share a OneDrive link, I can share it via a OneDrive link or a SharePoint link. And they have different levels of access and usability. It’s the fun thing about the four of us that rica processes. One of us is non technical, and all the other three of us have been technical in the past, but it’s been quite some time and we haven’t flex those muscles. So we understand the stuff but we don’t know it. Yeah, yeah, word that right, Brooke? Adam.


Brook Lee  40:35

Slightly rusty.


Adam Edwards  40:37

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Hopefully, we



will. Yeah, this thing, we were talking about these moving these large files and things. And one of the other was the computer group manager, he said, Oh, we should really have some sort of like system where you move into one system. And then the other system synchronizes to another system outside the firewall. So that are in a DMZ ad somewhere, and then you don’t have to worry about it. You know? I said, Yeah, so I think, given given what’s happened with the, with this ransomware thing, I’ve been thinking, that’s a very good suggestion.


Allen Edwards  41:21

And would that sync be? Not live? Because a lot of these ransomware things they they infect your local cache, which then syncs over and replaces No, no, no, that’s it.



Yeah, just know that. We’re not sure how this, this breach happened, whether it was on a web server, but somehow the web server was connected to a document management system that handles sorta like University Grants. And all the grant applications were were encrypted. So but that’s that system. So like, that syncs back to the inside. He’s gone.


Brook Lee  42:18

There you go.


Allen Edwards  42:20

I had a big sneeze coming. wasn’t going to be pretty.



More on Facebook, the issue he explained about seeing other info from other people goes back to security setting, one of the biggest issues with Office 365.



And that one point in SharePoint are the same thing with the nicer front end, it can be driven to an intranet type vibe.


Allen Edwards  42:55

I think the I think the catch there is somebody has to have the time to put all this in place. And I know most of our clients are our commercial, meaning they’re out there selling their services to others. It’s a skill and not many of them have in house or the time or no one’s willing to pay the cost to really administer and set these things up. Right. But Mark, you’re right. Everything that you need is there, it does.



Feel perfect. Yeah, one of the weird things that we’ve got, as I told you, we’d all gone to zoo. You know, like, you want to share a file. And I said, Can we make it so that we can go to the SharePoint system and get the file, and I put the request in and it died, and just never got it. So now if I want to share something from zoom, within a SharePoint system, whether it’s like PowerPoint or something like that, yet, we just can’t do it? Well, I have to make a copy of it from a desktop and then share it. So it’s not it’s not working as well as it should do. It should be should be seamless, you know, whereas if I’m using teams, it’s not a problem. Whether it’s on OneDrive or or in a team site or SharePoint site. You don’t work.


Allen Edwards  44:25

I mean, I have you know that our system is not perfect. The only reason it works, don’t we use internally, as good as it does is because I started off my business being Eureka at that was my email address. That was my developer entire fire file structure. I shared out folders that Veronica broken animal access. So it looks like a centralized file system. But then later I developed my own personal email address separate from your weak at and we all access this central point of information which is glorious. Now, my personal one drive has things like, my desktop redirection, I’ve redirected My Folders there, my personal life is really stored and tracked of my direct name. Yeah. And then all the business stuff is there, but how does it maybe Mark wants to land? How does a corporation create a single storage place? Or maybe that’s just old time thinking?



I’m not sure. I know, one of the problems we have. And I don’t know whether you’ve had the same problem is that if we’ve had it where somebody else creates, like, maybe a SharePoint site or a team site, when they leave the organization, they your time, tries to shop that system completely down. So really, what the only things should really be set up as a, as a manager role that’s in the system, that there’s not a personal role, you know, and that’s one of the things I’m afraid of there in that if, when I leave, some things might just disappear. So I’m, I’m putting them all on to all the other bits of kit, even if it’s just a removable hard drive, just so we’ve got a backup of it. And when my account ceases to be, they won’t lose access to it. Right.


Adam Edwards  46:31

Turn it off and see what breaks period after that.


Allen Edwards  46:42

Oh, man, so it’s getting close to eight o’clock in the UK, and there’s still sunlight. I love it.



Yeah, it’s really sorry, seven o’clock when they mess around with the clocks and everything, and


Allen Edwards  46:55

I’m pretty sure the government actually uses the space program to move the sun.



power light permanently we move it because of Scotland, because Scotland so much further north, that if we didn’t move the hour, it would be it would be sort of like pitch black in Scotland till about nine o’clock in the morning. You know, in the winter months, they just wouldn’t have any sunlight whatsoever in the winter months, that’s


Allen Edwards  47:29

when it’s normal time.



Yes, yes and no. And no, he doesn’t kind of make sense to me but that’s what they’ve done there. They they haven’t so that was at least one part of the day. They’ve got some sunlight


Allen Edwards  47:46

Well, the Scottsdale will get that much sun so



now but like if you’re right at the top of Scotland and the Hebrides and the the knees and Shetland Islands you start like level with the bottom of Norway. Yeah, so I you know, once you’re up there, yeah, you’re not faff about clinical.


Allen Edwards  48:10

Over here in Canada I’m getting used to it. I grew up where some books out right now in Savannah and sunset and sunrise changing about 3030 seconds. Each day as you approach Solstice is. Here in Canada, man, that thing changes like crazy. It gets dark. In the wintertime it gets dark as early as 4pm here and in the summertime that there might still be light in the sky as late as 11 Oh, right. That’s a seven hour difference you have to get from point A to point B on in six months.


Adam Edwards  48:46

I think based on my experience, talking with my sister and stuff that like at least from where I am to where Veronica is in Florida. She should have like at least another hour of sunlight being for much further south.


Allen Edwards  49:01

How much more do you need for Annika stop it?



The Sunshine State?



Gotta have it.


Allen Edwards  49:10

I normally go to Cozumel for three months a year. This winter is my first time not doing that. I’m missing sunshine.



My my niece’s as last me would I like to go to where 10th anniversary of a renewing your marriage vows in Jamaica in August. I can’t imagine how hot it will be in Jamaica, you know.


Allen Edwards  49:42

I mean, somebody asked me to go to Jamaica to say yes.



You get used to the coop for the coal there. I think that’s what it is. At least the windows are closed.



August is a hot month though. That’s Jamaica is the place to go in the winter?



Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well, the other one wants to go and get married in Phoenix in. That’s in August as well. said You are joking.


Adam Edwards  50:19

That’s a dry heat, though. It’ll only be like 120.


Brook Lee  50:22

Yeah, that’s I don’t believe that I lived in San Antonio for a while and it’s San Antonio is not a dry heat. It is. They say that it’s a dry heat compared to Savannah. It’s much


Allen Edwards  50:34

harder Savannah. Sure.


Brook Lee  50:35

I mean, but San Antonio is an hour inland from corpus. Still, it’s just like a hairdryer. The humidity there is really, really low. They don’t have high humidity like we do here. But it can be 91 here and you can go outside and collapse because the humidity is so high. Yeah.


Allen Edwards  50:53

Because the mills vary. So people were actually surprised not being from Savannah, how well I handled cars.



Thanks, Savannah. Is that is that Florida?


Allen Edwards  51:01

Georgia, so just north? All right. Yeah. It’s a coastal town. People were surprised that I could handle the Cosmo while I was there. They were impressed. You’re handling your heat, like yeah, this is like home. Cosmo has that 12 months a year and Savannah has a nine months a year?






I was years ago, one of the some of the guys at work, like two guys, they took a tour. On the end, they went to somewhere in California. I have no idea whether it was LA or somewhere. But they had a big air conditioned car rental. And one of them said, Oh, should we go out for a walk? I finally walked about 15 minutes. And then they walked back to the hotel because they were just dripping with the heat. Just not used to at all. And he says yeah, he says we weren’t gonna do that again. We just sat in the car. Like the ag come kill them down.


Allen Edwards  52:00

I’d say I flew my new wife and stepdaughter to Savannah, Georgia a couple years ago, two years ago, I guess now. And we get off the plane at midnight. And my stepdaughter is like, Why are my eyes sweating? I couldn’t breathe.


Brook Lee  52:18

I’m very concerned, because we already hit like new record highs this month. So I know like August is going to be horrifically bad. I am not looking forward to that.


Allen Edwards  52:28

And that’s when the devil comes down to Georgia.


Brook Lee  52:32

Allen loves the heat. And I do not like the heat. I mean, I like it when it’s warm. But yeah, not those days where it’s just you just walk outside and your clothes just instantly get wet. Because you’re sweating so bad.


Allen Edwards  52:46

we’re about out of time for our first ever meet and greet. So Bill, we normally have some sort of webinar every month. And



yeah, so the last one.


Allen Edwards  53:00

How was the last one?



It was good. It’s good. I it’s interesting, you know, when somebody is never used all these tools before, and find out what other people do. So, I mean, we because we have a lot of mechanical engineers, you think that we would have some sort of documentation system? What do you think now you think that you’ve got a document, but there’s a document for that. And you think that they had some sort of like, built in document management system, but no, nothing? Nothing is just offline. All they have from before is like based on Microsoft’s folder structure. So we’ve got these lane, these names that are sort of like 20 characters for each level of the of the folder system. And then they’ve got they’ve got massively long names in the documents. What’s happened is it’s gone along gone beyond 256 characters. And the same, I can’t even see the documents. Where are they? Oh, yeah, I told you not to do this. We did it anyway. And now the count find anything that I said, you know, just to scare them. I said, you know, once you kind of see them, they don’t get backed up. So So start cutting the names back. Yeah. And then I think that frighten them. I mean, of course, they do get backed up. But if you can’t see it, you can’t open it. You can’t do anything. So there’s not much point in having it. So the only way that they could actually do it is instead of going down from the server routes, they’d have to map a drive in somewhere down the tree. Just like Shawn the power broke. Do


Allen Edwards  54:53

you recall the place we worked where we we gave up on map drives and went to an actual document management A system?



Yeah, yeah. Yes, I


Brook Lee  55:03

still remember that nightmare. Absolutely.


Allen Edwards  55:05

I liked it.



Yeah, we have a we have a document management system for the cat systems. But the one engineer was losing documents is he fundamentally opposed to so like product lifecycle management systems, and document management systems that are built around some sort of database?


Brook Lee  55:28

modeling what I know now, I would say that system that we tested, I would like it much better now, because that system does search metadata.


Allen Edwards  55:35

That is definitely a plus, that we’ve tested. That was the whole point of a document management system, instead of a folder structure. You just had metadata. And if you wanted to folders, you could search folders based on metadata. Yeah,


Brook Lee  55:48

I went kicking and screaming on that one, because we had had the folders for so long. And I was like, Oh, my gosh, I’m not gonna do this. And then now everybody uses a documentation platform. And so now I long for the days of that, because that particular one, like I said, you could search anything in any document and it would bring it up, which is, that means you would probably still want to have a naming convention, but it would make a heck of a lot easier to find documents.



Yeah, the trouble with cat documents is they don’t contain any meta data. That’s the problem is sort of like is like graphical instructions. You know, it’s almost like searching a postscript file.


Brook Lee  56:21

I would say you would have to have a naming convention for those.



Yeah, yeah, we do. We do? I do. Yeah, yeah. But we have one PLM system, that that has folders in it. But they’re not really there. They’re just an aid. So you can find things. Then we got another, another system, which is called team center, I don’t know, ever heard of it. It’s like the biggest. So I engineering document management system. And that has, that has the metadata. But while it doesn’t have any folders in there at all, so when you pop things in, they just go into a void. The only way you can find them is through either, like make notes, say where they were, and save a PDF and put that somewhere so somebody can find it. You know, I guess it works for the engineering drawings, as long as you can say what the top level is, and then drill through. Well, for like, it’s supposed to work with like Microsoft docs and everything else. You know, you can you can store anything in it. But you’ve got to be able to sort of like find it, whereas one system does use folders, but they’re not really they’re not really they’re probably searched folders like the other system had. Yeah, no, no, this one, you can’t search the folders. That’s thing.


Allen Edwards  57:54

In this case, the folders weren’t real. They were called search folders, because the folders just said, What metadata Do you want to see in this photo? Oh, I see. Yeah, right. Like,



record search.


Allen Edwards  58:07

Yeah, right. Search?



Yes. Yeah. Well, this has got that as well. But a bit you find all the users have got a path. In them project documentation. It references all these numbers.


Allen Edwards  58:26

Right. So, Bill, it has been a pleasure talking to you. And crossbone great



pond where it’s a bit dark here at the moment. No, it’s going quite


Allen Edwards  58:38

tell the sun goodbye and come to see me. Veronica, what do we have on deck for next month?



We have project scoping with Brooke



scoping Right.


Allen Edwards  58:52

Right. Brooks doing it


Brook Lee  58:55

even better. Try to jazz it up and make stoping 60 somehow.


Allen Edwards  59:01

I don’t know that I mean, the the clients you’re working with on project scoping, end up loving the results and are very excited by by the process and processes unnecessarily hard. It’s just


Brook Lee  59:14

not it just makes things a lot easier. And then you also realize maybe you’re not charging enough for certain projects because they weren’t scoped out. You’re just kind of guessing. So coming up with that process and sticking to it and getting some buy in on it can pay some pretty big dividends.


Allen Edwards  59:32

Very cool. Is that Daniel? And he’s like, I don’t know further times and mix up.



Does your scoping include D scoping? scoping. The scoping is where project, you have a project, right? It’s going to do everything from A to like a to z. Okay. And then somebody says, Oh, we’ve run out of money. We’re only going to do and then you have to saw like re re scope, everything that you’re going to do. So you can do end to Zed at the end of the day. So you know, you still have to plump for the whole thing, even though they’ve said, Oh no, we’re only going to build this back.


Brook Lee  1:00:24

So we make them pay for it up front. So we’re gonna make you pay for a to z. If you can only want to do A through G, then we’re going to scope A through G, and we’re going to pay for A through G.


Allen Edwards  1:00:36

So I’ll build bill has a DM Zed, but he scopes things A to Z.



Well, I say z, but it was in the UK you we don’t say z.


Allen Edwards  1:00:47

Great. I still hear



that. Yes,


Allen Edwards  1:00:50

they say abc song wrong here too. Hey, Daniel, we were actually just wrapping up. Do you have any quick parting shots? You’re currently muted.



Oh, I did not.



I just saw the link and jumped in. Awesome. Realize that I’m an hour late.



Short as usual.


Allen Edwards  1:01:15

are we calling from Indianapolis, Indiana? How many people do we know in Indianapolis? Holy cow. It’s funny the calls we do for our community conference calls and these the it Doug calls. We have an actual handful of people from Indianapolis and we don’t have that many people show up. So it’s it’s disproportionate.



Well, there are


Adam Edwards  1:01:46

some people around here that want to make Indianapolis the new Silicon Valley, but they want to call it silicon flat.


Allen Edwards  1:01:54

Silicon claim.


Adam Edwards  1:01:58

I told them make it the silicon 500.



But they didn’t like that idea.


Allen Edwards  1:02:04

I like it.


Brook Lee  1:02:04

I like that idea. That’s kind


Allen Edwards  1:02:06

of snapping. Collect Brooks living in the New York Hollywood. That’s what it’s called Hollywood.





Allen Edwards  1:02:19

Georgia now has the largest film. Film dollars spent each year in the world.


Brook Lee  1:02:26

They do make a lot of movies here now.


Allen Edwards  1:02:29

Good times. All right. Well, I do have to run to my next appointment. Daniel, I would love to get to know you better. No, you were having another one of these next love for it dog. Or feel free to go hunt us down in the IT dog users group and private message us glad to chat more. Talk more about your competition in Indiana.


Adam Edwards  1:02:53

I don’t worry about competition. I try and make them competitors.


Allen Edwards  1:02:57

competitors. competitors. Yes. Very good.


Adam Edwards  1:03:01

I know Linux, they don’t bang bang. We got an option.


Allen Edwards  1:03:05

All right. Well, I like it. And Bill’s looking here to learn Linux.



Yeah, I’m a Solaris guy. I’m a Solaris guy. But we’ve stopped not used it in about 10 years. And then I’ve got some motion code over. So I’m gonna move it over to Santos. So he knows what I’m talking about.


Adam Edwards  1:03:26

That’s going to be an easier move than coming from the scope.



Yeah, yeah. I don’t think it’s going to be difficult. I think it’s going to be good.


Allen Edwards  1:03:34

I’m just impressed that I knew all the words you said. We used to line up in computer science programs to get a hold of the Solaris is because they had the 27 inch black and white monitors for coding on good times. Alright guys, I do have to read them the next call. Take care.


Adam Edwards  1:03:56

Bye bye. See you again.


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