You’re Working Too Hard for Too Little Money

  • We allow you to work on visioning and allow work/life balance to return.
  • We give you and your team the ‘wins’ they need to stay motivated.
  • We will have you looking at your ticket log and wondering where they all went.
  • We will empower your team so you can be free…

We help MSP firms regain their work/life balance. 

The team at Eureka Process are the business, process, and documentation experts that equip you with the tools you need to do more with your existing business structure. With the technical knowledge to get hands-on with the tools that are used by your front-line team, and first-hand knowledge about what it really takes to lead a thriving MSP, Eureka Process is the only resource you need to get your business to the next level.

Expert advice about what it takes to scale a successful IT business

Improvement and streamlining of current processes

Break/fix to MSP transition guidance

You are a victim of your own success.

When it comes to growth, it’s a marathon, not a sprint! Eureka Process and its team of experts develop in-depth and customized systems and solutions that support your business over the long-term. We assess priority issues and gather with the common goal of improvement. 

Our phased approach sets new metrics, dashboards, and comprehensive team meetings to develop a well-oiled machine that gives your company a scalable structure. Weekly Power-Hour meetings earn the buy-in of your team to grow your revenue and earn more referral clients. Allowing your employees to directly contribute, be heard, and be accountable can lead to a higher rate of employee satisfaction and retention. 

You’re ready to work the Eureka Process if…

  • You have approximately 5-50 employees and want to do it right
  • You’ve been trying to fix this on your own and can’t get traction
  • You’re ready to consider outside counsel
  • You know your team is capable of more
  • You can invest time for extreme value
  • You want to own your business – rather than your business own you

Most business owners, leaders and executives will not act on this offer. Instead, they’ll keep it open in a window for a rainy day – determined to keep it close in case they need it. I’ll let you in on a secret: If you think you need help, you do. Don’t put yourself in the position of continued suffering until the fires are burning out of control. Our schedule is booking up, if you want to hold your spot, schedule a discovery call now.

“Thanks for the phone consult, Allen. I learned a lot and saw just how far my documentation game needs to go! Thanks for your time and patience”.

Nathan Maxwell

Communication Concepts, Inc.


I want to do this but I’m already spread too thin. How much time will this take?

Many of our clients have reported 2 hours per week of your time on average. Revamping processes takes time and collaboration. However, we promise that every interaction we have will be deliberate and focused. Neither of us have time to waste.

I’m scared to hire more people – will you insist that I do?

First, let’s get your process working so that we can assess the need together. Every situation is unique, and while most of our clients end up growing their business, we want to do whatever it takes to match your needs for work/life balance.

How are you different than other consultancies?

What other consultants?! Just kidding – we’ve actually used many of them ourselves through our own entrepreneurial journey! Our clients tell us that what makes us unique is our ability to customize or tailor our recommendations and processes to their specific needs (market, size, PSA, RMM etc.) and help them actually execute recommendations.

Sought-after MSP experts facilitate high-level leadership meetings to regain control of the reigns. Using 6 Leadership Super Powers, our consultants guide your team to realize their goals. Resolve organizational challenges from the top down through accountability and taking action steps.

Our first free consultation is not a sales call, rather, a discovery call to learn about your business, and to express our passion and dedication we will provide in order to see you grow! With decades of experience in the MSP industry, we have the proven processes that increase efficiency, sales, marketing, and service performance.

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