EOS® Coaching

When speed bumps become stop signs…

Who do you call?

If you are a Business Leader of a growing organization, you may agree that leadership is a calling that can leave you feeling chewed up and spit out. With ever-increasing demands on your time and energy, the vision you had to lead your organization to success can fade as you devote your efforts to trying to sustain status quo and reduce backsliding in vain.

Regardless of industry, business leaders commonly face ‘speed bumps’ to success such as high rates of attrition, burnout and overwhelm as their businesses struggle to gain momentum. Seemingly over night, running a business becomes less about strategy, visioning and fun – and more about scrambling to fight the most urgent catastrophes of the day at a pace that isn’t sustainable. What once were speed bumps in business process become stop signs that impede the organization from reaching its growth and earning potential – and customers begin to notice.

Allen’s proven skills in coaching, consulting and dispute resolution make him uniquely qualified to assist leadership teams in successfully applying EOS® by addressing Six Key Components ™


Where are we going as an organization and why?


What should we fix first and why?


Are we storing and updating our business decisions effectively?


Are organizational roles filled by the right people with the right skillset?


Are we executing our decisions effectively?


What information are we using to determine our current position as a company?

Get Back on Top with EOS®

Entrepreneurial Operating System®, or EOS®, is an internationally recognised approach to leadership that utilizes simple tools and resources to resolve organizational challenges from the top down. Eureka Process founder and EOS Implementer®, Allen Edwards, has seen the transformative power of EOS® on company culture, results and profitability since he first applied its principles as an employee in 2014. Today, Allen works with leadership teams across north America struggling to sustain their small businesses to action EOS® principles and tools to realize:


Leaders collaborate to develop a shared and measurable vision of success


Leaders increase their capacity for self-discipline and accountability


Leadership eliminates dysfunction in lieu of cohesion

Is Your Organization Ready to Level-Up?

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The truth is, as small organizations progress and flourish, leadership approaches that were once conducive to success begin to stifle the organizational ‘machine’. As more stress accumulates, leaders find that priorities are not aligned, employees are not receptive and challenges in communication can strain relationships.

This corporate dysfunction, while unproductive, is not an indication of failure. Rather, the strain of dysfunction is an indication that leadership teams need to evaluate their communication style, value system and philosophy. A change in approach is required in order to respond to, orient and motivate team members toward shared and measurable goals as they take their business to the next level. 

Putting EOS® to Work for You

EOS® is designed to produce meaningful wins for your leadership team as they learn to systematically address concerns and delve into the fundamental causes of dysfunction within the organization. Leadership teams align their collective efforts and front-line employees become a more accountable, engaged and results-focused entity as EOS® enriches the employee-employer experience.

EOS® is for you If You Are Ready To:

  • Stop working around-the-clock and get back to balance
  • Eliminate duplication and streamline processes
  • Stop chasing band-aid solutions and solve problems once and for all
  • Stop politicking and blame shifting and embrace accountability
  • Stop ‘doom and gloom’ thinking and deal with relevant real-time data
  • Unify and consolidate leadership priorities
  • Stop backsliding and get clear about your company vision
  • Transform and solidify organizational culture
  • Reduce misunderstanding and mismanagement through clear and effective communication
  • See earnings increase as you celebrate more wins
  • Get excited about your company again!

Is Your Organization Ready to Level-Up?

Book your FREE informational call with Allen to find out how EOS® can transform your organization and your customer experience!