I confess, I have many personality flaws/quirks. Many of you or not shocked. I recently thought about this again when I was writing Growing a Business is No Way to Make Money last week, This is the promised future article I referenced in terms of seeing things from both sides.

I noticed in most of my blog posts that I’ll make a point, but then immediately make my own counterpoint. I tend to always see issues from at least two sides. This actually sums up a physiological issue I am faced with everyday. Maybe its just regular FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) but when Im working, I always feel like I should doing something else (Spending time with family, improving my non-business skills, working out, etc).  Yet, when working out, I hurry up to get back to work.  or I should really be practicing my trumpet or piano and then don’t because I feel like something else HAS to be more important than that. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but this feels like a battle I fight more than most.

What causes me to always see what is and is-not at the same time?  This came as epiphany when I was selecting a personality profile testing process to use for our organization and to recommend to clients.  While we never go super deep into personality profiles (it got moved to our longer term goals), we did take the test internally and with one of our client’s leadership teams. We all took the free test at colorcode.com (not an endorsement at all, aside it is what we landed it on with a few days of research).

The free personality test said I was a “Red”. I think of Red as the D for those familiar with DISC.  Factual, logical, quick decision maker. It tracked, but why did I also feel the people problems so hard and why did I constantly feel conflicted?  Well, in my research for the personality tests, I decided to pay for the full test.  As it turns out, in the full test it shows your percentage of each of the four colors you have and I’m a rare Red/Blue (42% vs 34%). Blues are more emotional with a need to be liked.  Further, they even explain that Red and Blue or opposites (non-complimentary Opposites is how they word it) so I might sometimes seem like I’m two-faced or contradicting myself.

This explained a lot about my life and helped me to be more accepting and even more decisive.  See it from both points of view, and then make a decision based on the greater need. In fact, while my specific combination of characteristics may be more rare, everyone has duality with them. Learn to honor both sides of the coin, the yin and the yang. Accept the good with the bad. If you are having trouble, take a personality test (colorcode, DISC, MyersBriggs – almost any test except Which Broadway Musical Are You and their ilk).  Once you see those results, reach out to peers and colleagues. Get their honest opinion about traits that they love about you and things they wish you would improve. If you still need some more insight, engage a life coach or business/organization coach in-tune with personalities. Grab a free consultation from us by clicking at the bottom right, as well).

Bottom line, your own duality is a gift to be embraced, but can also cause confusion if you are not self aware of it. There I am again, showing both sides.

I look forward to meeting the both of you next time we connect,