Road to Documentation Maturity

3-Part Series hosted by IT Glue

How your MSP approaches documentation defines how you use it in your business. Why does this matter? Well, MSPs with a higher ‘Documentation Maturity’ are more likely to provide outstanding customer service, see revenue growth, onboard new techs faster, scale effectively and maximize the efficiency of their non-technical teams.  

Now, what defines your documentation maturity and how do you improve it? Allen Edwards, president and founder of Eureka Process explores just that in Road to Documentation Maturity’.

By the end of the series, you’ll have everything you need to leverage documentation for competitive advantage.


Part 1: Client Onboarding

Aired April 27, 2021
Initially, most MSPs think their “courting period” is over once they finalize a sale and sign a client contract. On the contrary, the real magic happens during the Client Onboarding process. In Part 1, Allen sheds light on how to make your clients experience “Wow!” from day one. 


Part 2: Documenting Your Documentation

Aired May 20, 2021
In part two we explore meta-knowledge, the most important knowledge. Know thyself! Do so by creating a consistent structure and standard. Therefore every team member knows where to store and how to find mission-critical information. Allen packs a wealth of knowledge in Part 2 of the series. Watch to learn everything from ‘Process Process’ to Password and Naming standards. 


Part 3: Client Asset Documentation

Aired June 22, 2021
Lastly, it is easy to get confused about what information should and shouldn’t be collected regarding your client’s technology assets. So, how do you resolve this conundrum? In the final webinar of the series, Allen covers the different methods and examples of Client Asset Documentation. He also dives into specifics about systems such as IT Glue, ConnectWise, Autotask, and many others.


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