This webinar was given 6/26/19 for the FaceBook group IT Documentation Users Group (ITDUG). It is recorded live and slightly edited to remove some pauses in the action.

Client Onboarding

The sale has already been made, contracts signed, and too often the “courting period” ends at this point for most MSPs. The reality is, any MSP worth their salt can reset passwords, reboot servers, update firmware, so this is where you start the process of showing how you are different. This is YOUR time to shine! Join our Client Onboarding session with Allen Edwards, of Eureka Process, as we discuss the details of making your clients experience “Wow!” from day one.

Updated 7/3/19 – AE – Adding Related Resource Links

ST01- Client Welcome Initiative
ST01.1 – MSP Welcome Letter
ST01.2 – Accounting Introduction Letter
ST01.3 – Support Introduction Letter





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